Why Hire a Real Estate Attorney?

Hiring a real estate attorney is a power move for buyers & sellers. It ensures that they navigate through the complicated paperwork without facing any setbacks. Attorneys also represent your interest and fact check the closing statements regarding past paper trail, liens and judgments as well as the true ownership.

At Costa & Associates, we handle a wide variety of real estate law services. From contract negotiations, contract reviews, escrow deposits, appraisals, surveys, property inspections, title searches, home inspections, and real property title searches, title examinations and real estate title insurance policies, we cover it all. Our expert assessments ensure that you get your moneys’ worth in your transaction.

Maurice R. Costa, the leading real estate attorney, works hard to be accessible when necessary because he knows timing is crucial.  The attorney delves deep into a background check and paperwork to cover the ground. He will be there by your side throughout the process. So whenever you are in doubt, lawyer up!


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